Portable Toilets for Construction Sites

Long & Short-Term Portable Restroom Rentals

Construction sites, renovation projects, restoration projects, and remote job sites require a long-term solution for restroom facilities. Walters Services supports construction companies throughout Central PA & Northern MD by creating clean, sanitary working conditions with portable restroom rentals.

  • Construction Sites
  • Road / Highway Projects
  • Home Remodeling Contractors
  • Utility Construction Projects
  • Restoration Projects
  • Commercial & Industrial Facilities and Plants

Construction Site Rentals

Whether you are a large construction company managing multiple job sites across the region or a homeowner embarking on a home renovation project, a clean job site can make your project run smoothly & efficiently. We provide portable toilets, roll off dumpsters, and handwashing stations to maintain a clean work environment that will help you increase productivity and job site morale.

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Since construction projects occurring on roads or highways often take place without a building or facility nearby, portable toilets are almost a necessity to have on these jobsites. Portable toilets and tow behind toilet trailers on these jobsites help increase productivity, preserve the environment, help maintain proper jobsite cleanliness, and help maintain proper OSHA requirements . Workers do not have to travel offsite to use a facility, therefore workers can remain focused onsite and eliminate the potential delay of travel.

Featured Case Study

There When It Mattered Most: Mascaro Construction

Project Type: Commercial

Construction Location: Harrisburg, PA

Quick Facts

  • Walters provided next-day delivery for a much needed roll off dumpster.
  • Portable toilets were also delivered to two Mascaro job sites in Harrisburg.
  • Walters had the best price and mix of products and services to meet the client’s needs.
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See the Walters Services Difference

At Walters, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service and cleanest facilities you’ll find in central Pennsylvania. Our team will work with you to make sure you have the best portable toilet solutions for your job, and we’ll even help you with optimum placement and timely delivery.

All of our rentals are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed at our shop. For long-term rentals, our portable toilets are also cleaned on-site by our experienced staff; we will leave it clean smelling and completely restocked. We will create a cleaning & servicing schedule (usually weekly) and will adjust it based on job site activity and our on-site inspections. That way you and your crew will always be satisfied with a clean, fresh restroom facility.

Quality Assurance

How Many Toilets Do I Need at a Job Site?

A toilet can best be kept clean by providing 1 toilet per 10 workers for a 40-hour work week. The toilet should be placed within 100 feet of the actual work area. Large job sites may want to add additional toilets close to workers to reduce wasted time walking to a toilet.

Three Benefits of Portable Toilets on Construction Site

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Improve Morale

A clean portable toilet at a job site lifts morale. It indicates that the boss desires to meet his or her workers’ needs. Workers do not need to work in an uncomfortable state or be creative in looking around for alternative bathroom facilities. Instead, they can use a clean location which leads to a better attitude on the job site.

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Ready to reserve portable toilets or roll off dumpsters for your next jobsite? Send us some basic details about your next project, including the date of project, number of expected workers, type of project, length of project, and the location of the project and our team will get back to you within 8 business hours (Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 4:30) with a custom quote.

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