Home Renovations

Home renovations are a very common construction project for homeowners. Whether you are hiring a contractor or DIY, you will want to rent a portable toilet. See how we support home renovation projects by providing a clean working condition and bathroom facility for the remodeling company to utilize.

Why Rent a Portable Toilet?

There are many benefits of having an on sight portable toilet at your home during a renovation project. Perhaps the biggest benefit is a portable toilet gives access to restroom facilities without workers trampling throughout the house. Workers can stay just in the areas they are working in and there is no reason to wonder throughout your home.

Whether it’s a DIY project or a professional team is hired, a portable toilet can be a necessary addition to any home remodeling project. It is ideal for any interior or exterior home project, especially those projecting to last for multiple weeks.

How Long Should a Home Renovation Project Take?

Home renovation projects can happen in any room to the house. Below are the most common rooms to receive renovations, and approximately how long the project typically takes.

• Bathroom Renovation – up to four weeks
• Kitchen Remodel – 8 to 12 weeks
• Basement Finishing – 4 to 8 weeks
• Living Room Remodels – 4 to 8 weeks

At Walters Services, we have found portable toilets to be most useful, and the most common, during bathroom remodeling jobs. For projects like a bathroom or kitchen remodel, a portable toilet, luxury trailer, or hand washing station can be very useful when water lines to the house are disabled. Having a spare portable toilet when one bathroom could be unusable for an extended period of time is a common practice many homeowners consider during home renovation projects.

With a portable toilet on site, this provides a reason for the workers on the professional team to stay on site. With reduced reasons to leave your home or the jobsite to drive to a restroom facility, workers can stay on site and keep to the expected project timeline.

Where to Place a Portable Restroom During Home Reno Projects

The portable toilet should be close to a workspace so it is easily accessible. This easy accessibility makes it convenient for workers, and it makes it easy to access for Walters to clean and routinely service the toilet.

Our quality assurance means that units will be stocked with enough toilet paper & hand sanitizer, and all units are fresh-smelling once service is completed. We have a clean and fresh promise to ensure toilets are serviced and maintained properly.

Ideally, the portable toilet should be as out of sight as possible. Behind or on the side of your home is better than a driveway, sidewalk, or front lawn. This prevents any possible vandalism to the portable toilet or any unwanted pedestrians using the toilet.

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