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Since 1973, Walters Environmental has provided quality septic system solutions for residential and commercial properties. You can trust our team of experts to address all your septic needs.
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Septic Services You Can Trust To Be Done Right

Since 1973, we have been specializing in complete septic solutions for homeowners and businesses.

Our offerings range from tank pump outs and cleanings to emergency excavations and repairs. No job is too big or too small.

From routine septic maintenance and repairs to complete installations, our experienced team can do it all (including the paperwork)!

Septic Maintenance & Installation Services

1.Residential Septic Services

Regular maintenance is crucial for proper septic system operation and longevity. Our licensed technicians offer comprehensive residential septic solutions:
– Tank location & mapping
– Inspections & component checks
– Installations & repairs
– Pump outs & cleaning
– Bacteria replacement
– Holding tank services
– Township paperwork filing (as needed)

2.Septic Tank Pumping

For optimal septic system health, we recommend tank pumping every 3 years. Check with your township about any local pumping ordinances. Regular maintenance empties the tank before serious plumbing issues can occur, helping prevent costly repairs.
Signs that your tank needs to be pumped:
– Foul odors emanating from drains or appliances
– Slow or backed-up drains
– Standing water pooling around the septic tank
– Unusually green, lush grass near the tank

3.Septic Inspections (Real Estate)

Our certified inspectors provide prompt, courteous real estate septic inspections, including tank cleaning, component checks for malfunctions, drain line inspection, and thorough drain field probing.
– We conduct onsite work in under 3 hours
– Inspection reports are delivered within 2-3 days
– Real estate septic services are available 24/7

4.Septic System Plumbing

Regular septic plumbing maintenance is crucial for proper septic system operation and longevity. Our experienced septic plumbing technicians can help you in a variety of ways, including:
– Preventative inspection, repair and education
– Video inspection of all lines
– Grease, inlet and drain line pumping & cleaning
– Tank site marking, trap cleaning, repair and replacement
– Repair and replacement of sand mound, sump and well pumps
– Sludge removal, treatment and disposal
– Hazardous leachate and waste water removal and disposal

5.Commercial & Industrial

Commercial septic system failures can be extremely costly by forcing business shutdowns. Broken plumbing, overflows, repairs, and reinstalls cause delays and production halts. To avoid closures and maintain productivity, rely on our full range of commercial septic services, including:
– Yeast hauling
– Sewer plant and lagoon cleaning
– Catch basin and drain maintenance
– Grease pumping
– Industrial water disposal
– Leachate removal
– Lift station repairs
– Sludge removal

“Absolutely amazing and professional from phone call to service. They are top notch. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Andrew Hart (Google review)

Septic Services FAQ

What are some signs of a septic system emergency?

Liquids coming back into the drains in a home, an alarm sounding, or toilets in the home that don’t flush. Gurgling, slow flushing, and lingering smells are a sign of a pending problem and a septic tank pumping should be planned soon.

What steps can homeowners take to maintain a healthy septic system between pumpings?

Avoid excessive water usage, properly dispose of waste, and refrain from flushing non-biodegradable items. Regular septic inspections and using septic-safe products also contribute to system health.
Regular pumping is also important to maintain the health of the tank, lines and drain field.

How much does it cost for commercial kitchen grease trap pumping?

Please call us for a quote. Pricing varies based on the size of the trap, distance, and logistics for our trucks. We do offer discounted pricing for automatically scheduled jobs. We take the stress off of you and automatically come on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual grease trap pumping to make sure the system stays clear of grease to avoid backups!

Does Walters do septic system inspections for homebuyers or sellers?

Yes, we provide thorough septic system inspections for real estate transactions to ensure the system meets regulatory requirements. We are PSMA certified and follow the highest standards set by that group.

Trusted Septic Services Since 1973

As a family-owned and operated company, we have spent the last five decades perfecting septic system solutions to best serve our valued customers. Our team consists of highly-trained, certified technicians equipped to expertly handle any job, whether it’s a routine residential cleaning or complex commercial rebuild.

In addition to regular septic maintenance to keep your system running properly, we also provide prompt 24/7 emergency excavation services.

We understand that once septic issues arise, they often require more than a quick pump-out to fully resolve. Our experienced staff is available around the clock to address emergency failures and tricky septic problems that need customized, multi-step solutions.

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