Kids Portable Toilets

Child-Sized Toilets for Rent

Kids Portable Toilets

Child-Sized Toilets for Rent

We realize that having smaller children use portable toilets can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we offer a kid-sized portable toilet, which makes it much easier for children and their parents. The units are smaller and can only be used by kids. The unit has a step next to the toilet tank making it easier for children to get up onto the toilet seat. It also has a hand sanitizer dispenser, so kids can sanitize their hands. Your kids will love this unit!


77″ High, 44″ Wide, 50″ Deep


  • Age-appropriate dimensions for children.
  • Step next to toilet tank for easy access.
  • Festive decorations on the exterior of the unit.
  • Stocked with toilet tissue and hand sanitizer.
  • Units are available in various colors

Recommended For

Special Events, Seasonal



Our kids portable toilets are available for rent in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Mechanicsburg, and throughout our Central PA service area.

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