Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some signs of a septic system emergency?

Liquids coming back into the drains in a home, an alarm sounding, or toilets in the home that don’t flush. Gurgling, slow flushing, and lingering smells are a sign of a pending problem and a septic tank pumping should be planned soon.

How much does it cost for commercial kitchen grease trap pumping?

Please call us for a quote. Pricing varies based on the size of the trap, distance, and logistics for our trucks. We do offer discounted pricing for automatically scheduled jobs. We take the stress off of you and automatically come on a monthly, quarterly, or biannual grease trap pumping to make sure the system stays clear of grease to avoid backups!

What steps can homeowners take to maintain a healthy septic system between pumpings?

Avoid excessive water usage, properly dispose of waste, and refrain from flushing non-biodegradable items. Regular septic inspections and using septic-safe products also contribute to system health.
Regular pumping is also important to maintain the health of the tank, lines and drain field.

Does Walters do septic system inspections for homebuyers or sellers?

Yes, we provide thorough septic system inspections for real estate transactions to ensure the system meets regulatory requirements. We are PSMA certified and follow the highest standards set by that group.

What is it like working with Walters?

The whole experience, from the initial quote to delivery, is so easy. They are flexible and very easy to work with. Walters provides great time estimates and does a great job communicating with you so that you have everything you need.

What types of units do you usually rent for the college or campus events?

We love their luxury restroom trailers! They’re so much nicer than regular portable toilets and make our guests feel extra special. We’ve also rented their hand washing stations (especially during COVID).

What makes Walters stand out in your mind?

Walters has top-notch customer service. Instead of getting an answering machine or phone tree, you can call and actually talk to a human. They are very personable and don’t make you feel like an inconvenience – even if you have an emergency. They are able to quickly resupply anything you rent from them and make sure you feel comfortable before leaving. 

Why did you end up choosing Walters Services?

When we were searching for new providers, Walters had the best price and their products and services made the most sense for our needs. We have been working with them over a year now. 

What has your experience with Walters been like so far?

Our experience has been great. Communication is excellent, and the folks who come on site are courteous and professional. They’re here on the job site a couple times a week.

What types of units do you usually rent for your job sites?

We usually get normal (basic toilet) units. We like Walters because their units are new and in very good condition. They clean them well too. The guys on a job tell me these are the best portable restrooms we’ve ever had. We pay extra to get them cleaned two times a week, but it’s worth it.

When choosing a portable toilet vendor, what would you say matters the most to you?

Cleanliness and quality of the units matter to us. We like sturdy units and Walters keeps them well maintained. Additionally, Walters coordinates well to schedule delivery and cleaning. They communicate well, which makes it easier for us.

How does Walters stand out compared to other vendors you've worked with?

Other vendors previously provided low quality toilets that were old and not serviced properly. Walters has excellent toilets, are very responsive, and keep the units in excellent shape.

What units do you rent for your home construction jobsites?

We rent a basic toilet and 30 foot dumpster. Every jobsite we work on gets at least one of each.

Why did you end up choosing Walters?

We were extremely impressed with their service area and competitive pricing. They provided excellent customer service and assured quality service to the units to keep the toilets clean. Walters has lived up to their promises and exceeded expectations.

How much does it cost to rent a portable toilet?

The cost to rent a portable toilet or hand washing station depends on the duration of the rental and the type of units you need. To get an accurate price, please call us at 800.690.5756 or request a quote online.

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Do you rent hand washing stations?

Yes! The Dual Station Hand Washing Sink is pre-filled with water and stocked with paper towels and soap dispensers. A foot pedal at the base of the unit activates the sink faucet. Duel station sinks are ideal for large crowds such as parties, sporting events, and construction sites.

The Hand Gel Tree is another hand cleaning option if you need access to hand cleaning facilities for many people.

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What are the benefits of renting portable toilets?

For a large event, having clean and convenient portable toilets for your guests might encourage them to stay longer, possibly spend more, and overall enjoy their experience more. For smaller occasions, such as an event hosted at your home, having portable toilets will keep your floors cleaner and your septic tank from filling too high. For construction sites, having well-maintained portable toilets can keep workers’ morale high and improve job site efficiency.

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What is a deluxe portable toilet?

Our Deluxe Portable Toilets are flushable, have an integrated sink with paper towels and soap, and a scented disk to keep them smelling fresh for your entire event. The Deluxe toilets also have a female-only version that does not include a urinal.

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How are portable toilets delivered and set up?

Upon arrival, our friendly staff will meet with you to discuss where you would like the portable toilets placed. Once placements are determined, our team will manually roll the units on dollies off the truck and put them in the designated areas. Before the delivery team leaves, they will ensure you are happy with where the units are located and answer any final questions you might have.

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How many portable toilets do I need to rent?

For a 4-6-hour event, we recommend renting 1 toilet per 100 guests. If alcohol will be served, then you’ll want to rent 1 toilet for every 70 guests. For example, if you’re expecting 250 guests for a 6-hour party where alcohol will be served, you’ll want to rent 3 portable toilets. For a construction site or a long-term rental, we recommend 1 toilet per 10 people for a 40-hour work week.

The chart below will give you an idea of how many toilets to rent based on attendance and event duration.

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