Fresh Water Systems

Providing On-Demand Running Water

Fresh Water Systems

Providing On-Demand Running Water

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Our Fresh Water System provides 90 gallons of fresh water using a built-in, on-demand pump. It’s the perfect accessory wherever people work – office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs, lunch rooms – for portable showers, sinks and fresh-water portable flush toilets. Designed to operate on regular household current, the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off. If more fresh water capacity is needed, the Auxiliary Tank can be used to double the capacity.


This system includes a 300-gallon waste holding tank under the trailer which provides complete sanitation service to any trailer or mobile office.


  • 90 gallons of fresh water


  • 90-gallon tank for fresh water
  • Up to 300-gallon waste holding tank
  • Requires one 120 volt/20 amp outlet

Recommended For

Construction, Special Events, Seasonal



From our headquarters in Grantville, PA, and locations in Lancaster, York, Lititz, and Horsham, our freshwater tanks are available to rent throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland (Baltimore CityCarrollFrederickHarfordHoward, and Baltimore Counties) as well as New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.


See our service area map to see the counties and communities we serve.

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